Saturday, 5 March 2011

Rum and Coca Cola (1943)

Since the Yankees come to Trinidad,
They have the young girls all goin' mad.
The young girls say they treat'em nice,
And they give them a better price.

They buy rum an' Coca Cola,
Go down to Point Cumana.
Both mother and daughter,
Working for the Yankee dollar.

Ah, look I had a little chick the other day,
But her mother came and took her away,
Herself, her mother and her sisters,
Went in a cab with some soldiers.


Rum and Coca-Cola,
Go down Point Cumana.

They have some aristos in Port of Spain,
I know a lot, but I won't call name,
And in the day they wouldn't give you a right*
But you might see them with the foreigners late at night,


I know a couple who got married one afternoon,
And was to go Miami on their honeymoon,
But the bride run away with a soldier lad,
And the stupid husband went staring mad.


Performed and composed by: Lord Invader (Rupert Westmore Grant)


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